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Review by Matthew


Wow fantastic where do I start? This is the first ever book by author Leela Dutt that I have read and I can assure you it will not be the last. I was from the first page captivated. Leela’s attention to not only the opening line but also the story and the characters within is outstanding! From chapter to chapter I was drawn deeper into the grip of the book. I felt a mixture of emotions – happy, sad, excited. The lives of the characters, their jobs and relationships were entwined. This book is a one size fits all so if you are after romance, adventure, laughter, war, then this book is for you. It is in a league of its own.  I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN. I was Eleanor’s travelling companion; by each turn of the page I wondered where we would be off to next – London, Wales, Finland, India or the USA, to name but a few. This book is both a brilliant and an enjoyable read, a book for everyone, and I feel it was written by a best-in-class author. If not already done so, this book should be made into a film and should also be put forward for Book of the Year Award and TV mini-series.  I look forward to reading more of Leela Dutt’s books. I leave you with this opening line from one chapter: ‘Hit the floor, lady.’ Want to know what happens next? Order a copy of ‘Only a Signal Shown’ from the publisher http://www.feedaread.com or see further details on http://www.leeladutt.co.uk and you will not be disappointed.

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