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Rubik’s Cube

Remember those infamous Cruise missiles at Greenham Common in the depths of the Cold War? In this novel they’ve been moved to an American base just north of Cardiff. The story focuses on some ordinary Quakers in this university city, who not only care that the world may be destroyed in an instant, as we all feared back then, but also about personal issues: the old man next door who won’t eat and is dying of malnutrition, a budding love affair with a man threatened with blindness, neighbours who persecute children playing ball in the street, how to cope with difficult teenagers. A Peace Camp is set up near the missiles, and some of the Quakers get to know the American commander as well as listening to the Soviet ambassador.

Originally short-listed by the Welsh Arts Council, this novel has been loved and read as many as seven times by some particular individuals. It was inspired by the sense that there are always several different strands to life that have to be dealt with at the same time, like the squares on a Rubik’s cube. Much of it is based on real events – the neighbours in particular, and the children; but some research was also involved, especially into retinitis pigmentosa, which causes blindness. The story will appeal to anyone interested in ordinary people and their everyday problems and joys – but don’t feel you have to read it seven times!  You can order it from my website attfieldduttbooks.co.uk   There are still a handful of copies left.


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