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Copenhagen Post

Just had this review which is going into the Copenhagen Post:

The book Only a Signal Shown was written by Cardiff based Danish-Indian author Leela Dutt and tells the story of travel writer and artist Eleanor as she traverses the world, while occasionally having a desperate on-again, off-again love affair with TV archaeologist Alec. The two have occasional meetings over the course of several decades with plenty of heartbreak and confusion.

Spatially the story moves all over the world, with scenes taking place in countries as different as Iceland and India, and a scene in eighties Copenhagen illustrated a very much forgotten time of a Raadhuspladsen that is not a construction site. This globetrotting does provide the book with a neat hook as a story emerged in the field of globalisation literature, even though at times the lack of any sort of stable ‘home’ place gives the reader his own diaspora to contend with.

The book´s strong suit dealt with the coming of age elements of the protagonist Eleanor. The bildungsroman traits are what kept me most interested in the story, which makes the earlier part of it the most interesting and riveting to read…

The book…  shouldn’t be written off by those that enjoy a simple love story, it is fine as such and can well fend for itself on shelves next to Nora Roberts and others who specialise in the field of love affairs and middle aged women.  So if you want your literature easy, lovely and you enjoy books about travel then this is the book for you.

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