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comment from Cathy Pearcy

Two kind comments about ONLY A SIGNAL SHOWN on one day! Just seen this on Facebook: Cathy Pearcy writes: “I have just finished it. It had me in tears of both joy and sadness. But can honestly recommend it as a wonderful read . Another superb book, from a wonderful author.”

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new review from Leah Attfield

Only_a_signal_shown_revisedJust had a great review from Leah Aster Attfield (who was 12 when she wrote this six years ago) in the magazine Sister Summers, next to rather a good photo of ONLY A SIGNAL SHOWN lying across the page so it looks as if someone is about to pick it up and read it… wish I’d thought of that! Leah writes: Only a Signal Shown is a great book that is about a young couple. Their names are Eleanor and Alec. They met in university. After a while they break up. Eleanor becomes an author and she goes around the world, doing book launches. She keeps accidentally meeting her ex-boyfriend Alec all over the world. This is a great, funny book and this book is so well described you can watch the whole book in your mind!

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