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who tells this one?

Now I’ve sussed out how to post short stories on WONDERBOOKLAND.COM there’s no stopping me! I’ve just uploaded one called Nature Study, which got an honorary mention in a recent Five Stop Story competition. But there’s a mystery here: just who is telling you this story?


short stories on Wonderbookland

I’ve just uploaded two more short stories onto WONDERBOOKLAND.COM  – one is Selling Halloween which appears in a collection on Kindle called Five Stop Stories Volume Two, designed to be read during five stops on your daily commute.  You can download the whole collection from WONDERBOOKLAND – it’s well worth getting.  I will attach a picture of Five Stop Stories Volume Two when I have worked out how to copy it from WONDERBOOKLAND!

The other is called A Quesion of Belonging which appears in my earlier collection of short stories, Kingfisher Blue (available in paperback for £3.50 post free from WONDERBOOKLAND.)


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