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Another great review!

Today Nessa Mordin has sent a great review of Only a Signal Shown:

“It’s a good read!  I read it more or less in one go and it kept me interested in the main characters from cover to cover.  I think it travelled to every continent except Antartica!  And I was particularly interested in realising that you are a much travelled person, from your descriptions of, for example, Nigeria. Recommended reading.”

calling all book groups!

Joan Darbyshire says she enjoyed Only a Signal Shown very much and it is now being read by her book group.  Does anyone else belong to a book group, who would like to introduce it to them?  Meanwhile my Indian cousin in Gujarat has ordered a paperback copy from the Book Depository, and I hope my Danish relations are enjoying it too. And in England, Julie Le Baigue says it’s a great read – highly recommended…

Only a Signal Shown in paperback

Only a Signal Shown has now come out in paperback for £7.99.  You can order it from Amazon, or the Book Depository, or from a bookshop.  People have successfully ordered it in the USA and the UK,  but at the moment some Indian relations are having trouble getting hold of it….    I’m working on that one!

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